Mortgage Advisory & Portfolio Management

Areas of Advisory


Mortgage portfolio management

JMN Investment Management is currently managing individual accounts that purchase Non-Agency RMBS securities.  JMN previously managed the Colchis RMBS Distressed Fund from 2008-2011 and the JMN Structured Strategies Fund from 2012-2013. JMN has one of the best track records within the Non-Agency RMBS space.

Performance results can be found on Bloomberg and also are posted at Informa.  Bloomberg users can view fund information via JMNNARM <Equity> <GO>.  Our Twitter account is @rmbsadvisor.

mortgage advisory

JMN provides financial service firms and investment managers asset valuation and risk management services.  Engagements have included:

          Private Mortgage Insurance Equity Valuation

          RMBS Portfolio Valuation

          Loan Servicing & Whole Loan Valuation

          Loan Loss Reserves Computation

          Loan Servicing/Pipeline Hedging


private Wealth management

JMN Investment’s Private Wealth Management invests across a broad range of market segments based on the client’s objectives and risk tolerance.  

JMN favors ETFs, ETNs, or closed or open end funds with broader diversification and lower expenses.  Our Twitter account is @iadvisor.

JMN internal financial planning model uses strategies that are time tested and emphasize worst and best case scenario evaluation.  We can change our cash flow model to fit your tax, business or estate situation.